Getting started

Create your first Context Document
Project Overview: Context Protocol is a blockchain-based solution that aims to standardize and structure data. It utilizes a semantic storage approach, enabling easier data verification, management, and integration across various platforms.
Technology Stack:
  • Available Storage: Arweave, IPFS.
  • WIP : Swarm, BNB Greenfield, Aleo, Ten Network.
  • Naming Service on Polygon for a universal naming service.

Create a new project

Init a new project with typescript.
mkdir cooldapp
cd cooldapp
npm init -y
npm install --save-dev typescript ts-node
npm install --save dotenv @contextprotocol/sdk
You can use this tsconfig.json
We will first connect to the Testnet (Mumbai) and read a document
import { Context, Connection } from '@contextdao/sdk';
async function main() {
const context = new Context({ connection: Connection.MUMBAI });
const data = await'context');
main().catch((error) => { console.error(error); });
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