What kind of data can be stored in Context Documents?

Context Documents are designed to hold any data in JSON format, including metadata and structured data. They are not designed for storing images, audio, or video files.

What is a Template?

A template is a set of rules that defines how data is structured and how it should be stored in a database. It provides a blueprint for organizing and describing data elements, attributes, and the relationships between them. A schema can be used to define the data types, constraints, default values, and other rules that should be followed when creating and managing a database.

What is the Universal Name Registry?

The Universal Name Registry or UNS, is the reference point for the schemas and SmartPods on the Context platform, allowing for easy access and organization of the data. It helps to ensure that data is standardized and easily accessible for all builders.

How is Context different from other data platforms?

Context is unique in its focus on data interoperability and portability. By providing standardized schemas and a decentralized approach to data management, it makes it easier for builders to seamlessly integrate data from different sources and build innovative projects.

How can I get involved in Context?

There are several ways to get involved in Context, including joining a Working Group, creating a SmartPod, or building a Front-end with Context technology. You can contact us through our website or group of Telegram to learn more about Context.

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